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My Fine Deli


Introducing a new hub for local produce 


My Fine Deli is a brand new Cafe/Deli in the heart of Glastonbury, happy to cater to your dietary requirements. John the owner has worked in the industry for 35+ years, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the business.

We use a selection of our cheeses throughout our menu from our plowman's to the cheese on toast

Also available is a small selection of salamis and ham that can be cut to match your demand.



Truly Great Coffee

Our coffee beans are supplied from an authentic Ethiopian company called Kokepi Coffee. The beans are freshly roasted twice a week & packed at the optimal time, ensuring ultimate freshness & high quality.

We offer dairy-free milk substitutes with the choice of almond, oat, and soya milk as well as decaffeinated coffee grounds also.


Happy to cater for you

Not only do we aim to minimise our deli's carbon impact through sourcing only local meats and cheeses, we also aim to deliver beautiful vegan and vegetarian selection too.

We serve a large selection of gluten free cakes and muffins, and stock dairy-free milk substitutes such as oat, almond and soy milk for teas and coffees.

Every meal is cooked individually for you, so please come in and speak to our amazing team of chefs who would love to help cater to any dietary needs.


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